Cherish it!

Those with feet walk with them

Those with lips talk with them

Use gods gift before its taken away

Kiss with your lips and run with your legs everyday



Reflecting On the Past

I miss getting butterflies

When I used to look into your eyes

Always wanting to be with you

Being apart, would never do

My stomach would be in knots

Nervous, hoping you’d like me with my flaws


You! Yes You!

Hate me so I know I made you mourn

You used to be something more

Of course, that was before, I started this storm

I am the creator who never should have destroyed our work

If I could take it back

I’d take you back first

Destroying you put me at my worst


To Be Happy Or Not To Be

We all can’t be happy but we might be able to be content. We can be on out way to happiness, almost there. We can be a step away from the glorious feeling of success. What is being truly happy? Is it love, family, success, wealth. What will make everything perfect? I don’t think this exists, but you can be content with your life. Content means to be satisfied. Happiness exists but its like a roller coaster it goes up, down and all over the place but eventually stops. Being content in my opinion is the in between feeling of not being over joyed or displeased. Everything is just going just fine and that’s how it should be. Being content could be your happiness if you let it. Image

Raise The Bar

So here I lay wasting away

Watching the waves crash day by day

Give me more then disappointment

I want passion, I want desire

To fill me up and spread like fire

Something to take me far

I need to raise the bar