Do you feel like your feet are planted in the ground that your standing on? You can not move forward or backwards. You are stuck watching everyone else live their lives. Your watching everyone with all this jealousy building up. Why can’t you go somewhere, do something, or be something? Why should you watch your friends and family move on without you? You need to let go of what’s been holding you back. Whatever you think you can not accomplish you can. You have put yourself in this position. You have made yourself vulnerable and you are the only one that can make yourself move on. You have the power to be positive and happy with your life. Your life may seem hopeless because you haven’t gotten your way lately. You’ll be happy again. Even if you think your at a low point thinking everyone else’Images lives have somehow turned out and are stilling turning out better then yours. It’ll be okay because everyone gets the their break. You may think yours was a while ago and you missed it but your mistaken because when you are honest and work hard good things will come your way. Keep you positive attitude and try moving forward. You shouldn’t be stuck or lost, don’t think your the exception. Everyone deserves to live a great life.

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