Mr. Right is Acutally Mr.Loser

Was he really that perfect or did you make him out to be that way?

All women are looking to find Mr. Right. The man who will sweep you off your feet, knows how to dress well, and is successful of course. The problem is that Mr. Right probably isn’t out there unless he’s a Christian. So what most women do is lower their extremely high standards and think, “Well he’s good enough”. As time passes and during this time you’ve convinced all your friends that he’s amazing and perfect for you. But really this whole time you’ve been convincing yourself that he really is perfect and that his little habits aren’t that bad. You continue on until the one day when your bold out spoken friend says what everyone’s been thinking the whole time, “Why are you dating this idiot?” This makes you start to think and it hits you. You think what have I done this whole time and your embarrassed and a little pissed off. Don’t be mad it happens to all of us eventually. We all have that smack in the face when we realized we need to stop pretending and dump the loser. We are always going to build up the things were uncertain about because we wanna impress are friends. Just don’t settle for anything less then you deserve. Go to church that will be your best bet to find your Mr. Right.

6 thoughts on “Mr. Right is Acutally Mr.Loser

  1. I love that you put out into the Universe how one’s love for God makes one a winner. May you bless every person that comes into you life who draws you closer to Him…through pain or through joy.

    May your talents keep you vigilant in this practice of /the craft of writing and know that you are not alone in this human effort. We are all humbled before the unwritten page.

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