Waking Up Late is a Bummer

Waking up hours after your alarm should have gone off is probably the worst feeling ever. Once you have woken up to this catastrophe and have to hurry to make it to where ever your suppose to be. Already the day have begun pretty bad. Your tried, mad and you don’t even want to go to the event that was planned. Just by waking up wrong you have become this negative attitude that no one will enjoy being around. You can not control how you wake up but you can control your alarm clock by putting it farther away from your bed so you have to actually wake up when you turn it off, not hit it with your hand until it finally stops ringing. Do not put it on your night stand if its close to your bed. Put it in your bedroom far enough away for you to hear the loud annoying noise and need to get up out of your bed to turn it off. I am in not responsible for you getting back in your bed and going back to sleep though. If you do that then the alarm clock trick is completely pointless. Image

4 thoughts on “Waking Up Late is a Bummer

  1. Lol, Hillarious

    There was this job that I hated getting up for, but I couldn’t be late, so I bought Three Identical Alarms, and one would go off after the other, lol


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