Morning Drive

Sluggishly walking out my front door to my garage. Throwing myself into my car, to tired to turn on the radio. I put the ignition key in and turn it to the right. The car comes to life with a loud grumble. My morning has begun as I reverse out of the garage onto the open road. Kicking it into drive as I speed along the coast peering at the ocean while feeling the breeze from outside of my window. The cool wind against my face finally awakening the sleeping giant. Now pushing the accelerator forcing my rustic car to move faster and grumble louder I head to school. With only a few minutes left of my drive I’ve already started my day off well. Image

21 thoughts on “Morning Drive

  1. That is Awesome, I Love Driving along the Coast, it is one of the Best Things in the World… Had a job down by the Ocean for like 6 months, every morning I drove down the Coast to get there, it was the Best… Is that really your Car?

    Great Piece Lindsay


  2. I wish my morning would start like that.
    I live in a small town, In Belgium…
    When I drive to work it’s ..
    well let’s just say it’s not that pleasant.
    I envy you a little 😀


  3. I can totally relate to this. Except my morning drive has mountains instead of a coast (there is a coast, but it’s not on my route).

  4. Mustangs rule!! (Ooops–didn’t mean to make a spectacle of myself…) Thanks for visiting my blog!! God bless you.

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