To Be Happy Or Not To Be

We all can’t be happy but we might be able to be content. We can be on out way to happiness, almost there. We can be a step away from the glorious feeling of success. What is being truly happy? Is it love, family, success, wealth. What will make everything perfect? I don’t think this exists, but you can be content with your life. Content means to be satisfied. Happiness exists but its like a roller coaster it goes up, down and all over the place but eventually stops. Being content in my opinion is the in between feeling of not being over joyed or displeased. Everything is just going just fine and that’s how it should be. Being content could be your happiness if you let it. Image

29 thoughts on “To Be Happy Or Not To Be

  1. Lindsay, loved your insightful post; allow me to add a thought– contentment is a deep gratitude and realization of how much we already have and is awaiting us. Happiness –to me, is extremely tenuous and fleeting ~d you think?
    Sincerely Deborah

  2. To me, Happiness isn’t something that is “Constant”… Like you say, it is a Roller-coaster

    I’m not sure “Content” is the word I’d use for what I am constantly… To me, life is shades of grey, all of life is up and down…

    To me, The Journey is what is Truly Satisfying about Life… It’s Work, but it is a Work of Passion, and Drive, and Inspiration

    I’m not sure it’s in our nature to ever be Truly Content… That Hunger for More, is part of what Drives us to Grow, and Experience things

    One thing that is pretty Constant for me is, “Peace of Mind”… And I don’t think most people have that… My Drive, and “Ambitions” have to do with wanting to “Experience Things”, more than any kind of Obsessiveness with “More More More”…

    I do feel that some people are Insatiable, and are “Never Truly Happy”, and that can be hard to be around, and exhausting to watch… My Brother’s Wife is never Satisfied, or Truly Happy it seems… And so she hunts, and hunts, and hunts for “Happiness” outside of herself.

    The Truth is, the Greatest thing you could ever have is “Peace of Mind”, I say this, because I have this… And because of it, Every other Joy and Experience in life is like a “Cherry” on top of a very Peaceful, and Fulfilling Existence.

    Yes, for me it’s not that I’m Content, because I’m not… I constantly have a Fire in my Belly for More Experiences, and Growth, and Love, and Happiness in My Life.

    I think when you say “Content”, you might mean the same thing as when I say “Peace of Mind”

    But for me, like I say, there is no “Being Content” in Life, there is only “Peace of Mind”

    Nice Post


  3. You have a good insight here into why so many people find it hard to be happy. Our consumer driven culture requires us all to want more and more. We do need goals and we do need to strive towards those goals. We also need to set limits and know when something is adequate. We need to be able to ask ourselves “what is important to me?” and then live up to our own expectations and abilities. Thanks for sharing – and thanks for the follow on my Blog!.

  4. To me content would be settling for what I have, and not strive for some sort of bettering myself. I think it’s a life long journey. I really enjoyed your post! 🙂

  5. Hi, thanks for following my blog. And about this post: we are always bombarded with choices. So let me rephrase what one actress once said: there are no right or wrong decisions; it is our responsibility to make every decision right. 🙂 See more of you!

  6. I have to do more research on this, but I was talking to a friend recently who insisted that the root word of happiness has to do with what is “happening,” what happens, happenstance. So apparently it was traditionally considered feeling pleased with what happens? Not sure on that, but it makes sense. Same friend then asserted that “wholeness is more important than happiness.” I like that concept. It fits with what you are saying about contentment. It doesn’t mean you are settling for status quo; It means that your peace of mind is not knocked completely off balance by every little thing that happens. Wise words to live by, and it is a learning journey for all of us. 🙂

  7. I have a sign in my bedroom…Quoted from Dr. Norman Vincent Peale, ” Everyone wakes up with a choice. Choose to be happy. ” I read it every morning and on most i choose happiness. Peace..:)

  8. It always makes me happy to see the signs of freedom to chose. I choose to be happily content, serenely peaceful, and joyfully filled with gratitude for Freedom. Many thanks for your post!

  9. Happy is the best emotion one can contain in his / her body! Happiness is the essence to success itself! 😀

  10. Totally agree. The current focus on the crazy search for happiness is a quest for something fleeting. Happiness comes and goes however if we’re content, we are able to recognise those moments of happiness so much more easily.

  11. unless you carry it with you, no matter how far you search, you will never find happiness. Contentment is not happiness, you are riught though. Our society would have us think we need to live in happiness, that is not true. As the Navajo saying goes – The sky would have no rainbow if the eyes had no tears … -gs

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