I left and learned

those who love you will make themselves be heard

although my location has changed

most things have remained the same

similar friends and evil peers

everything was thought to be the same but

there is something different about a someone here

he’s not just an acquaintance or someone who can listen with his ears

he’s my knight that keeps me safe from myself and those who may interfere

with strong hands and a gentle heart

he’s a keeper right from the start


You Wanted This!

You wanted indepedence

To beable to say you can walk on your own

This all made sense until you realized you were alone

You have your friends and peers

But that will never replace the man you left here




Reflecting On the Past

I miss getting butterflies

When I used to look into your eyes

Always wanting to be with you

Being apart, would never do

My stomach would be in knots

Nervous, hoping you’d like me with my flaws