Never Truly Gone

As time passes those you love will move on

They do not want to, they need to

To send you off on your own

They will never truly be gone

As they watch over you

Keep your eyes and ears open and they may

Show you they are there every once in a while


I’ll Never Forget

It seems like yesterday when you used to sing to me

You brought me hope and harmony

Until times changed and diseases were to blame

Forcing you to go away

All I ever wanted was for you to be okay

You were given hope so many times

And always told me you were just fine

Once you were gone nothing seemed ok

I’ll always remember that day

When you left my side

Making me visible even when I hide

You were my protector

Keeping me safe from all that is bad

Now I’m left feeling sad

With a void to fill so i wont feel as bad

A space in my heart that will never be replaced

Don’t worry I’ll never forget your face