The Storm

Spinning, twisting, turning, around and around

What is happening to all I’ve found

The world has destroyed all that I’ve worked for in a storm

Trapping me to become damaged and one of the norm

With strength and fury to become free from the reins

This will bring me a lot of pain


What Have We Done?

We all participate in certain activities and events that we personally enjoy, but high school students participate in these for their college resume. High school students participate in many activities being along the lines of sports, the arts, and volunteering. Most of them do enjoy these but would never quit even if they no longer liked their extra curricular activity because they need it for their college resume. Alot of high school students by junior year have nothing personal for themselves. They don’t have a passion to do an activity just because it makes them happy. Junior yearsmain focus is AP classes, how high is your GPA, and getting a high ACT or SAT score. Getting into colleges has become competitive in the last decade and has started to rob high school students of their “high school experience”. The only thing on these kids minds is getting into college and becoming successful. High school is suppose to be the time where you have fun and don’t have a lot responsibility. We have ruined this for our younger generations.