The Storm

Spinning, twisting, turning, around and around

What is happening to all I’ve found

The world has destroyed all that I’ve worked for in a storm

Trapping me to become damaged and one of the norm

With strength and fury to become free from the reins

This will bring me a lot of pain


Your Never Alone!

You are not alone! Get this through your head right now! We all have our sad days and feel disconnected from our world. We believe our world is crashing down. Truthfully, your just having a panic attack. Now just think about this for a second. How could you possibly be alone, you live in a world with billions of people. You have your family and friends. You may not be on good terms with them but if anything happened to you they would be there in a second. When your in this state of loneliness you are also thinking about someone to help you no longer be lonely. Lets face it were human and we need human contact. So when you are feeling lonely, stop and think about it. You could even talk to your neighbor. No one wants to see someone upset and alone. Yes, times have changed and there are bad people out there but there are still plenty of good honest people to. You do not need to be alone. There will always be someone by your side trying to help you even when you refuse it. Image