Come Back

All I think about is that you are far away
Time please go faster
I can’t wait much longer
Hopefully this test will make me stronger
I miss the little things the most
Your better than amazing I don’t mean to boast
Have fun while you are away
Just don’t let your mind sway
Be careful but have the time of your life
Ill be waiting and thinking of you every night
Hold me tight when you get back
Until then ill be a little off track


Never Truly Gone

As time passes those you love will move on

They do not want to, they need to

To send you off on your own

They will never truly be gone

As they watch over you

Keep your eyes and ears open and they may

Show you they are there every once in a while

You! Yes You!

Hate me so I know I made you mourn

You used to be something more

Of course, that was before, I started this storm

I am the creator who never should have destroyed our work

If I could take it back

I’d take you back first

Destroying you put me at my worst


Raise The Bar

So here I lay wasting away

Watching the waves crash day by day

Give me more then disappointment

I want passion, I want desire

To fill me up and spread like fire

Something to take me far

I need to raise the bar