What Have We Done?

We all participate in certain activities and events that we personally enjoy, but high school students participate in these for their college resume. High school students participate in many activities being along the lines of sports, the arts, and volunteering. Most of them do enjoy these but would never quit even if they no longer liked their extra curricular activity because they need it for their college resume. Alot of high school students by junior year have nothing personal for themselves. They don’t have a passion to do an activity just because it makes them happy. Junior yearsmain focus is AP classes, how high is your GPA, and getting a high ACT or SAT score. Getting into colleges has become competitive in the last decade and has started to rob high school students of their “high school experience”. The only thing on these kids minds is getting into college and becoming successful. High school is suppose to be the time where you have fun and don’t have a lot responsibility. We have ruined this for our younger generations.



14 thoughts on “What Have We Done?

  1. I’m going to have to go ahead and Agree with you… I’m a Strong Believer that Teenagers should take a Year Off after High School, and then they can go to College if they want to… When Teenagers do this, it reduces the chances of them dropping out of College by a “Huge” Percentage… It gives them a year to just go out there, get a job, explore Life a Bit… Where as going straight from High School to College kind of keeps em in a Bubble… And by the time they’re 22+ and finally get out of School… They’re completely overwhelmed by the fact that they may not find a Job in their Field right away…

    It’s not natural the amount of School that Americans go to… Can’t speak for other Countries, because frankly I don’t know how much they go… Just like a 40 Hour Work Week isn’t Natural…

    You are Right… Pushing, Pushing, Pushing to “Get To A Career”, often ends up a situation where someone is Doing a Career they don’t even like… Because they never really had any time to decompress, and come to a decision more naturally about what it is that they’d like to do…

    And the Trap with this is, People can end up getting a Degree, and a Job in a Career that they end up not liking, and they stay in it anyway because “The Pay Is Good”…

    Let me tell you what this does to a person… It “Squashes” their Soul… It turns them into a Zombie, and in this Zombie like State, they can end up doing things like “Marrying someone who isn’t right for them”… Or “Having kids when in fact, they’re not ready, and are to a degree still a kid their self, because their maturity has been Stunted by the fact that they haven’t had any real Life Outside of School Experiences until after 22+”. So to a degree, teenagers who go straight from High School into 4 year + College, have the maturity of 18 years olds when they get out of College… Simply because they’ve been jamming their head with “Books/Information” Etc., as opposed to Really Truly developing “Life Smarts”…

    And the later they get out their and get “Life/Street Smarts”, the more they’re “Afraid of Life” when they finally have to deal with it.

    Argh, I’ve gotten a little off your point, but The End Product of what you’re talking about, is “High College Dropout Rates”, “People becoming Corporate Zombies in their 20’s”, “People marrying either too young, or the wrong people due to the lack of Life/Street Smarts”.

    The Human Spirit, Mind and Heart need “Room to Breathe”… Jamming your head every moment with “Books” from you Junior year of High School through your 4th+ years of College, leave people Perplexed, Inexperienced and Emotionally Spinning by the time they’re in their Early Twenties.

    Nuff Said, lol

    Nice Post


  2. I agree as well…..and our parents encourage us to find something ‘useful’ in college so they don’t have to worry about how we’re going to live and have an income…happiness doesn’t seem to come into any of these decisions. In this area of the world – New England…I think there are at least two areas that get totally ignored in our education….there’s no course on all religions out there to understand and be compassionate/tolerant for them and there’s no real course on happiness or finding your passion. Wouldn’t it be tramendous if there was some guidance on how to live happily and know that success will follow if you did that? I couldn’t agree with you more, Lindsay. Thanks for posting.

  3. I agree with you about high school students not enjoying their time and only focusing on what they’ll do next. Thank you for reminding people that students could be so much happier and their time in high school more fulfilling. How would you change that? I’d love to hear your suggestions. Thanks for following my blog – I signed up for yours!

  4. Hey, Lindsay, I totally agree, and I’m speaking from the perspective of having been a high school teacher most of my life. Now I work at a center that provides both remedial teaching and advanced “college prep” courses for those high school students who want to “advance” even further. I’m appalled at the parents who force their teenagers who are already making good grades to take courses with us so that they can get “farther ahead” and get into the college of their choice. But if the colleges didn’t feel pressured to require so much of every applicant, that would help a lot too.

    I just talked last night with one of my former students at this center — a young man who is an excellent student — but obviously could not do 100% work on every single subject in every single class for all four years of high school. But his mother pushed really hard for all the extra work, and perfect results every time — and he wanted to get into UCLA next year, so he saw his junior and senior years as some kind of “boot camp,” with no purpose but getting him ready to be accepted by this university. That also included involvement in three different sports as well.

    He was notified by UCLA this week that he is on the final list of 1,000 students that they will choose from. They had 78,000 students apply for their freshman class for this coming fall. They will choose only 500 out of those 78,000. It’s hard to imagine the pressure on these kids to come up with a high school resume that will impress these UCLA administrators enough to choose them as one of the 500. UCLA narrowed the list to several thousand, and then to the final thousand — of which he is one. He is ecstatic, but I have to wonder what his life will be like by the time he’s 30 if he’s having to push sooooooo hard at the age of 18. I was an “A” student in high school, but not because my parents pushed me to set some kind of record for entering college. And I was involved in three extra-curricular activities, but every bit of that involvement was purely because I loved doing those activities. If I hadn’t, I would never have considered being a part of them, nor would my parents have pushed me to do so. You are very right in what you say in this article.

    By the way, I originally stopped by to thank you for visiting my blog and following, but I sort of got “carried away here.”

    • Aww thank you! Yes I have known so many people who became zombies because of colleges.. colleges do need to sort out those who deserve it and those who dont but they have robbed all these students of life time experiences its very tragic.

  5. I am at the moment a high school student, and I have actually experienced my friends going for classes I enjoy to, because they want the certificate for their college or uni… I mean why not enjoy drama classes AND get that at the same time? When people make us do things, its not that they put on responsibilities, it’s that when we have to do something, slowly we THEN start liking it. Trust me, until my friends mom doesn’t ” kick” my friends downside to go for some classes, she will never do it. Why should she? She would rather enjoy going around shopping and hanging out.

    • That was not that point I was making sorry. You and your friends are in these classes and enjoy it. I’m talking about students who are in AP bio etc. and sports and they feel like zombies and they have nothing of their own. No passion. They are only worried about colleges, parents do put pressure on kids but the kids are the ones who really destroy themselves with all these classes and activities.

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